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Finding someone to build you a website can be a total minefield! There are so many options out there, so much

variety in costs, structures, designs, templates, coding options.. for anyone with little knowledge of the digital industry, you can end up paying huge amounts of money for, well not much. 


I am completely transparent when it comes to websites, I explain all processes in a way you can totally grasp and create you a beautifully designed, well branded website that is affective and functional. 

So how does it work? 

We arrange a call to discuss what you want, what you like and we talk about your business, who you want to target and what kind of website you're looking for. I then send you away for a week to have a snoop online, and find me all sorts of colours, websites, images, etc that you like. This simply builds a picture in my mind of what you like

From there I create you a first draft and send you a link to take a look, we then go the site together making comments and changes, until you have a site you love. It really is as simple as that.!

questions, questions, questions

Do you do S.E.O?

Yes, to a degree, there is only so much SEO you can drill into a website, as there are many things, that you need to do over time, or elsewhere. I link your website up to google and enter in your page title and descriptions, which appear in google too, I do all your keywording and linking, and if you’re on the “Take Off” package, I’ll also be writing your Schema (google language) code. For more information on how to improve your google ranking, ask me for a copy of my “Simple guide to SEO”


Do you do emails?

I’m afraid not...but I’ll give you some information to help you with them!. You can have a 'Yahoo' or 'hotmail' email, these guys are the “hosts” of your email, they do this for free because you’re advertising their name for them.. If you want your own named email, you’ll have to buy your email address from someone and pay them directly for hosting.. the company I use for this is

Can you edit my wordpress website

I’m afraid not. If you have a Wordpress site, you need a developer, not a designer. 


I don't have a domain / I have a domain (website address)

If you don't have one, buy one from a reputable source (many use Godaddy or 123reg). Nearly all websites you buy domains from cost more or less the same. I would always buy the .com and version of your website address as well. If you have one that is attached to your old website, as long as you have the log in for the website address you bought it from, all is simple and all is well. I would simply need to log into it and point it to your new website.. easy as pie.

I'm with a company who host my website and my email, what do I do?

Mostly nothing, I would do most of the work for you, I’m not a host (mainly because I don't want to own your website, and I want you to have full control over it) you'd have to find another email host (I advise 'ecohosting' (as they offer the best service, price and support). Have a chat to them, then with your website, well I can handle that bit. The only thing I need to know is who has your domain now? Is it your design company or is it a website like Godaddy?

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